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Full day Bologna tour

[:it]Guida turistica di Bologna [:en] English Speaking Tour Guide in Bologna

Guided Bologna Tour ( 5 hrs)

To the half-day itinerary in Bologna, we can add important historical sites that will enrich our visit. The Lamentation over the Dead Christ, of which you can see an image on the side, will be part of our tour. Extraordinary work by Nicolò dell’ Arca is preserved inside the church of Santa Maria della Vita. 

A visit to Bologna is not complete without the Stefaniano complex, also known as the Seven Churches. During the walk there will be other stops, such as the Jewish ghetto or the Canali area. These are the main points of interest. 

Santa Maria della Vita

The church in the center of the historic market houses the sculptural group of Nicolò dell’ Arca.

Formet Jewish ghetto

A maze of streets nearby the two towers tell the story of the Jewish community from the 16th to the 20th century. 

Basilica di Santo Stefano

The Seven Churches of Bologna allow you to retrace some historical moments symbol of Bologna. 

Via Piella Canal

The very famous window overlooking one of the city canals.