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Who better than a guide born locally to guarantee you an authentic view of the territory you’re visiting?
We are a team of tour guides from Bologna that will always guarantee availability and experience.
Our skills are born from high level training to become perfect ambassadors for our region.  We aren’t just chatterboxes, but qualified experts on the region’s culture and its tourist attractions. And our professionalism is matched by our enthusiasm.  

Camilla Calò

My name is Camilla Calò and since 2004 I have been working in the cultural and tourism industry in Italy and abroad.
Graduated in Cultural Heritage and subsequently in Natural Sciences, I obtained a PhD from the University of Bern. 
The love for my city led me to work as tourist guide with great satisfaction, after qualifying for the profession in 2012.
In 2018 I qualified as a technical director of travel agency: an important training and work path to guarantee the best service to those who choose Italy as a tourist destination.

Languages: Italiano & Inglese 
Personal contacts: calo.camilla@gmail.com
Curriculum Vitae: http://camillacalocv.com/

Cinzia Dezi

My name is Cinzia Dezi, I was born and raised in Ravenna, but I live in Bologna, the city where I completed my university studies, graduating with honors in Philosophy. After several years of working with the Teatro delle Albe, I moved to Paris, where I lived for three years and studied at the Sorbonne, obtaining a Master’s degree in French Literature. Returning to Italy, in 2013 I qualified as a tourist guide in French and English.

Languages: Italiano, Francese e Inglese
Personal Contacts: cinziadezi36@gmail.com

Marica Guccini

y name is Marica Guccini, born and raised in Bologna, and since 2012 I am a professional tour guide. Art and cultural heritage have been my daily bread since the time of my studies, which resulted in a degree in Art History at the University of Bologna, and in the diploma of School of Specialization at the Florentine university. In Florence I had the pleasure of collaborating with the Uffizi Gallery for study activities and organization of exhibitions.
I still continue to carry out research by publishing part of my studies, and I collaborate with various museum institutions for research, cataloging, organization of exhibitions and educational activities. Thanks to a post graduate scholarship I was able to carry out a research stay in England perfecting my English.

Languages: Italiano & Inglese
Personal Contact: marica.guccini@gmail.com

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