Italian language school in Bologna

Arca, Italian language school in Bologna.

Like to learn Italian in Italy?

With a little knowledge of the language of the place you visit, your stay will be even more fulfilling.

I met a few days ago Laura Bizzarri, very active woman who organizes meeting opportunities between Bologna and the rest of the world. Laura is also involved in ARCA school for Italian tourists and workers.

Arca was one of the first schools of Italian as a foreign language in Bologna. Set up in 1998 with the aim of encouraging the meeting of different cultures and to spread the knowledge of Italian language and culture, it entered into a partnership with the language school Modern English Study Centre, already recognized by the Italian Ministry of Public Education since 1985.

Arca is the only Italian language school in Bologna to belong to AISLi, the Association of quality Language Schools in Italy that protects students and teachers and guarantees a constantly professional service.

Classes consist of a maximum of six students, which allows for an optimum amount of conversational exchanges among classmates, as well as with the teachers. Consequently, people quickly feel at home and tend to improve their communication skills naturally as a result.

Arca hosts interesting cultural activites to get closer to Italian culture.

If you are staying in Bologna for few days, I suggest you to check all their activities:

Have fun!