Scientific tour (half day)

Find out more about  the historical development of science and scientific knowledge in Bologna from the 11th century until today, visiting exceptional museums and palaces.

  1. The Palace of the Archiginnasio and the Anatomical Theatre:  once the main building of the University of Bologna, it currently houses the Archiginnasio Communal Library. At the first floor is possible to visit the Anatomical Theatre, historical room in the medical school in Bologna.
  2. The great meridian line in the Basilica of San Petrionio:  a 67-metre-long meridian line (the longest in the world) that helped in th 17th century to determine the length of the tropical year, by measuring the time elapsed between two subsequent passages of the Sun at the spring equinox.
  3. Specola Museum: Astronomical observation tower built in the early 18th century, when its setting, the Poggi Palace, was converted into the Science Institute.
  4. Anatomy Museum: The Museum’s collection of normal and pathological wax anatomical models and preserved specimens provides a clear understanding of the developments in medical knowledge that took place during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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