Archaeological Tour (1 day)

Perfect tour for those interested in archaelogy!

  1. The Archaeological City Museum contains a sector of its collection that is entirely dedicated to the history of the city from the prehistoric era to the Roman and late-ancient ages, besides a renewed Egyptian collection (one of the most important in Europe) that, in addition to the Greek-Roman and Etruscan one sets the Museum among the most remarkable ones in Italy.
  2. Archaeological excavations in Salaborsa: in the library Salaborsa, under the crystal floor of the covered square, a suspended platform guides the visitor along a fascinating and stimulating stroll through history.
  3. The Etruscan town of Marzabotto was founded in the early 5th century B.C. in the valley where the river Reno flows, along the main part of the Appennini which links the so-called Tyrrenian Etruria with Bologna -the ancient Felsina- and Etruria Padana.

If you have only few hours, choose to visit only the Archaeological City Museum and the excavations in Salaborsa, both located in the city centre.

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