A tasty tour to discover the wine and food culture of Bologna.

To start the day we will taste some excellent chocolate in the oldest shop in Bologna. Then, walking through the medieval market in the city center we will visit historical shops and taste the traditional food of Bologna. Mortadella, a heat-cured pork sausage is considered the queen of the city and the king is Tortellino. We will reveal the secret stories about the ancient medieval market and learn more about the food culture in Bologna. We will  taste also regional wines, like Sangiovese, a red wine and Pignoletto a sparkling white wine.

Discover all about food in Bologna, booking this tour! This will be our itinerary:

1. Chocolate tasting.

2. The shopping street in Bologna: Pavaglione’s portico.

3.The medieval market, historical shops and old pubs.

4. Mortadella, prosciutto, parmesan tasting.

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