In addition to the regional capital city, other important cities in Emilia-Romagna host cultural events like exhibitions and shows.

“Palazzo dei Diamanti” in Ferrara, for example, beyond its historical significance (it has been the Estense family residence for centuries) is the location of many exhibitions.

For this season, the topic that chose the Foundation seems to be the naturalism and the sensitivity.

In fact, the nearest exhibition, which is goin to take place from October 14th to January 7th 2018, has as a protagonist the Reinassance painter from the Ferrara school, Carlo Bononi, who is appreciated for the theatricality and the emotions that transmit with his paintings.

At the same time, there will be also the exposition “Coubert and Nature”, by one of the most famous members of French Realism.

To conclude, from September 28th 2018 to January 6 2019, the Palace will host the exhibition “States of Mind”, which will have as predominant characters the 20s painters Umberto Boccioni and Gaetano Previati.

By moving in Romagna, we can find another important cultural pole and headquarter of many initiatives: the Forlì museum “San Domenico”.

From February 11 to June 18th, there will take place the exposition “Art Deco, the roaring 20s in Italy” with characteristic artworks of the starting of the 20th century.

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Guided tours are availables on request for all the expositions. Feel free to contact us by writing at or by calling +39 346 09 23 411.

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