Passed 37 years from the Ustica slaughter and 10 years from the commemorative work of the famous Christian Boltanski, the city of Bologna and the Theatre Foundation of Emilia Romagna devote an event program “Souls. From place to place” to the French artist in collaboration with the Association  of the Victims of Ustica slaughter Familiars and the region Emilia Romagna.

The project will take place from 26th of June to the 12 of November 2017 in different places of the city: the namesake anthologic exposition at the MAMbo- Modert Art Museum of Bologna, the most wide ever organized in Italy; the performing installation at the Arena del Sole theatre, ideated in collabroration with Jean Kalman and Franck Krawczyk; the Reserve installation in the ex bunker powder keg in the Lunetta Gamberini Park and the unusual popular art experiment “Take me (I’m Yours)” inside of the ex parlino Giurolo.

Even the “La Lettura” (weekly magazine of the Corriere della Sera” journal)  journalist Vincenzo Trione commented this initiative in one of his articles: “[Boltanski] is convinced that the Present itself is difficult to grab; and the Future is an invention without basis. The only time dimension that we actually own is and that we can know with some assurances is the Past: Through the memories, we act on it and we make it possibile again- but with some differences […]

Savant archaeologist of extracting from the undergrounds of that exterminate deposit which is the collective memory, Boltanski sees art as a cerimony of the mourning and the missing; he makes his artworks similar to shrines or to funeral altars erected for a unknown humanity.

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