We are a team of tour guides in Bologna that will always guarantee availability and expertise .

Our skills come from a high-level training to become perfect ambassadors for our region. We regularly follow training courses to improve and increase our knowledge. 

Camilla Calò, entrepreneur and tourist guide

Camilla CalòMy name is Camilla Calò and I have been working in the cultural heritage field for the last 11 years. The love I feel for my hometown Bologna (Italy) brought me to work as a tourist guide with great satisfaction. My mission is now to reveal the real Italy. Together with classical tours, I create uncommon travel experience such as in-depth art and archaeological tours, cuisine workshops and Italian movies night.

Areas of expertise: history of Bologna, art, archaeology and food tradition.

Languages: Italian and English

Cities: Bologna, Parma, Ferrara

Contact: 00393460923411 calo.camilla@gmail.com

Marica Guiccini, art historian and tourist guide


Hi, I’m Marica Guccini, a Bolognese DOC as we would say, since I was born and raised in Bologna and I’m a professional tour guide since 2012. Art and cultural heritage are my daily bread, having achieved the degree with honors in History of Art at the University of Bologna and a following degree of Hight Specialization in History of Art at the University of Florence. I had the pleasure to collaborate with the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, organizing exhibitions and doing my own researches for more than two years. I still continue to carry out art history researches by publishing part of my studies, and I’m collaborating with various museums for researches and cataloging activities, organization of exhibitions and educational activities. Thanks to a scholarship I got the possibility to play a post-graduate research period in England perfecting my English. I have the culture, the tradition and the cuisine of Emilia in the blood, and it’s my pleasure to  transmit to the visitors who come to visit.

Areas of expertise: history of Bologna, art history,  archaeology and food tradition

Languages: Italian and English

Cities: Bologna, Ferrara

Contact:  3288960459 marica.guccini@gmail.com

Cinzia Dezi, philosopher and tourist guide.

My name is Cinzia Dezi and I am from Ravenna, but I live in Bologna, I have a First Class Degree with honour in Philosophy from the University of Bologna and a Master in French Literature from the Sorbonne University in Paris. From 2013, I am a qualified Tourist Guide in English, French and Italian.

Areas of expertise: history of Bologna, food tradition

Languages: Italian and English

Cities: Bologna, Ravenna

Contact:  3393781316 cinziadezi36@gmail.com

VisitingBologna works together with Emilian land tour for tours that require a trasport by car or coach. They offer the possibility of renting a car with a professional driver in order to move from the train station and/or airport to the hotel.

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