Go Local: a tour operator specializing in travel to the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy.

My name is Camilla Calò and I am a professional tourist guide from Bologna.

I have recently set up GoLocal, a tour operator specializing in travel to the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy. GoLocal’s aim is to let you experience the region and its people in a truly authentic manner.


Local and Sustainable

Who better than a guide born locally to guarantee you an authentic view of the territory you’re visiting? All the people you’ll meet on our tours live in and around Bologna, and I know them all personally. I haven’t chosen them at random, but because they are all people who love their jobs and the lives they live. I know the guide who will explain the city and the countryside to you, and the chauffeur who will ferry you around. I know the dairyman who makes the Parmesan cheese you’ll be sampling, and the racing driver who’ll be sitting beside you when you’re at the wheel of a Ferrari. I know the people who make the tagliatelle we’ll be eating and the wine we’ll be drinking together.

Friendly and Professional

The competence of our guides comes from their advanced training as ambassadors for our region. Our guides aren’t just chatterboxes, they’re qualified experts on the region’s culture and its tourist attractions. And their professionalism is matched by their enthusiasm. That’s why the atmosphere of our tours is such a friendly one, where you can exchange opinions with us. We’ll explain how things are done here in Italy and why, and you can tell us how they would be done where you come from.

Safe and Legit

In a sector where quality varies and improvisation is common, GoLocal’s initiatives are designed to respect all the Italian and European legal norms concerning tourism. This guarantees a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can exploit their skills to the full, covered by a regular insurance policy. The only surprises Camilla likes are nice ones!

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