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Cosa fare a Bologna

[:it]Guida turistica di Bologna [:en] English Speaking Tour Guide in Bologna

What about Bologna?
Not only the best italian food, but music, art & the oldest university in the world

Emilia Romagna, land of excellence

We believe that everything in Emilia Romagna is the result of a great vital energy, we are a land of excellence, hard work and love.

Examples of this great strength can be found in Verdi’s music, in Pavarotti’s voice or in the power of the engine of a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Not only music or engines, but also a great food and wine tradition: Parmigiano Reggiano, Parma Ham or Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Everybody loves Bologna!

If you close your eyes and think about Bologna, what do you see?
I see arcades, endless arcades. A wonderful invention that allows us to walk dry and gives us comfort in the torrid days of August.

But many would answer., the towers! So many, so austere, but so loved.
Somebody else would answer,  San Luca Basilica!
The beautiful baroque basilica that greets us from afar when we return home after a long journey.
There are many reasons to love Bologna: university life, taverns, or music. 

Let’s not forget the records of Bologna, the oldest university in the world, the longest arcades, the oldest organ.

But I believe that what is most loved in Bologna is the atmosphere.
An inimitable and inexplicable atmosphere of joie de vivre and hope. 

Three things not to miss in Bologna 

Have fun exploring Bologna! 

Whispering corners

At the bottom of Arengo Tower, majestic Voltone del Podestà archway connects Main Square on one side with via Rizzoli, on the other. This is where a most particular acoustic phenomenon takes place: transmission of sound from one corner of the archway to the opposite one. This is literally a wireless telephone system: the sound reaches the top of the ripped vault, descending on the opposite side. It is possible to be having a full conversation here, standing on the opposite corners of the vault, without others being able to be listening to it. Tradition says priests came here to confess plague infected people, staying at the two opposite corners of the structure, using the ‘phone without cables’ system to talk to, yet not coming in touch, with sick ones.

Hidden canals

Up until 60 years ago, Bologna came with a 66 miles long net of artificial canals and streams flowing into city centre. Built in 12th century, the canals were intended to be providing energy to silk mills spread all across the town. Still flowing underneath the city, the canals have been paved ever since the 50s in order to be developing traffic conditions and creating parking facilities. There is only one place all across town where is possible to be having a glimpse of the canals: this is a small window located under Via Piella portico, meant to be opened up in order to enjoy a romantic view all over the Reno River Canal. 

Climbing up the Asinelli Tower

The two towers complex formed by the Asinelli and Garisenda towers are the truest symbol of the whole town and its most popular sight. Built between 1109 and 1119, the both of them are heavily leaning. Climbing up the steep 498 steps and the 97,20 meters of Asinelli Tower is just the most incredible Bologna experience ever: prepare to enjoy a memorable view all over the city and the hills surrounding it from its top.

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