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Bologna, the fat city

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Bologna, the fat city

Thematic tour of Bologna with focus on the gastronomic tradition. Not only the food tasting but also the places: the Quadrilatero di Bologna, which now appears among the 100 places to visit in life, is the nerve center of the city. The Herbal Market, the other large city market, a lively and colorful place, is worth a visit to enrich the knowledge of the city Romagna.  During the visit, it is possible to do some tastings that will allow us to talk in detail about the production of Emilia Romagna specialties. The Majani shop, for example, offers a rich tasting of its iconic chocolates, such as the Scorza or the Cremino Fiat. After that, we will taste l Parmigiano Reggiano with Balsamico vinegar: the perfect match. 

Quadrilatero market

A maze of streets that keep their historical structure almost unchanged. 

Herb Market

Fruit and vegetable market dating back to 1910 recently restored. 


One of the oldest historical shops in the city tells the story of the Majani family from 1796 to the present day. 


The tastings will be at your expense, therefore they are totally customizable.