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Bologna, the city of Music

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Bologna, the city of Music

Thematic guided tour about Bologna musical tradition. The city won the important recognition of the City of Music by UNESCO in 2006 for its immense musical heritage. Important personalities such as Rossini and Mozart have chosen this city for their training and career.
Not just classical music: the roaring 50s and 60s saw the explosion of jazz music in Bologna: we still have a road that celebrates that important moment and personality in our history of music. How not to mention the great songwriters of today, like Lucio Dalla or Francesco Guccini. 
The tour includes a visit to the Basilica of San Petronio and the International Music Museum of Bologna. These are the main point of interest: 

San Petronio’s Basilica

The musical chapel of the Basilica of San Petronio founded in 1436 is one of the most important musical institutions. 

International Music museum

The museum tells the long history of music in Bologna and the characters who lived it: from Father Martini to Rossini, passing through Mozart.

Lucio Dalla House

Outiside visit: an opportunity to talk about the Bolognese life of the great Lucio. 

Jazz Street

Via Caprarie and via Orefici were the crossroads of international jazz in Bologna for the presence of Alberto Alberti’s Disclub. A series of stars are reminiscent of the greats who played in Bologna.