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Bologna and its secrets

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Visit Bologna and its secrets

You can find many websites about these secrets. I wouldn’t call them exactly secrets, but rather places that are a bit hidden or unclear. From the more classic ones, such as the whispering corners or the little Venice to the more hidden ones, like the little dove stamped on the facade of the Crucifix church, what does it mean? These are some of the secrets we will visit 

Whispering corners

An acoustic effect hidden in a city center building. 

The little window 

Small window overlooking one of the Bolognese water channels.

The arrows of Palazzo Isolani

Who put the three arrows in the portico of Palazzo Isolani? 

The Dove

The dove, difficult to locate on the facade of the Church of the Crocefissio, has a special meaning.

Duration: 3 hrs

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